Perform at Chinese New Year Festival organized by Chinese Culture Society of Greater Nashua

We were grateful to be invited to perform at Nashua YMCA for the special Chinese New Year Festival event. The Chinese New Year Festival is a time of cultural richness, unity, and the anticipation of a prosperous year ahead.

After a comprehensive return to offline activities, Boston Yue Opera House has chosen two classic Yue Opera excerpts as our annual performance program. Among them, the excerpt 'Wandering Across the World' participated in the online Dragon Year Spring Gala event organized by the Montreal Opera and Drama Affiliation in Canada.

Yue Opera excerpt 'Lu You and Tang Wan' - Wandering Across the World

Yue Opera excerpt 'Love Between Mountains and Rivers' - Delivering a Letter"

Thanksgiving Special Event, Senior Station - Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture

Event Replay

Community Outreach Event - Sound of Chinese Opera

BYOH is hosting its June Special Event in Waltham MA this year! We want to introduce and communicate Chinese culture from a different perspective, through narrative and varieties among our local residents.

This event was sponsored by Waltham Cultural Council

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Boston-Hangzhou Sister City Partnership

Perform at Hangzhou Day celebration event, creating bridges of friendship, cooperation, and collaboration around the world.

Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture, Senior Station Celebration Event

The 6th Overseas Yue Opera Spring Festival Gala

Performance Playback

🐯 Year of the Tiger Chinese Opera Show

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger, Boston Yue Opera House hosted a virtual night show with several well-known types of Chinese Opera, with members from our community and invited guests, celebrating our cultural heritage, and bringing joy to your home.

Replay of the Performance Program List

This event was sponsored by Mass Cultural Council

2021.03-2021.07 MA Senior Community Celebration & Party

From March to July 2021, the Boston Yue Opera House participated in several regional activities to enrich the cultural life of the community elders.

Playback of some performances

Light Up the New Year 2021 Lantern Festival Opera Gala

To thank the community for their support over the past year, and to create a more interactive platform for everyone on the occasion of the Chinese Spring Festival, hosted by Boston Yue Opera House, Acton Chinese School, Wang Xiaomei’s Language and Performing Arts Class and Lu Yanrong’s Pipa Class, we collected a number of wonderful programs from the community and friends. The program present our audience a joyful and relaxing Lantern Festival for all ages.

This event was sponsored by Mass Cultural Council

Greater Boston Area Holiday Virtual Celebration

End of year holiday celebration hosted by Boston Yue Opera House, Boston Peking Opera Association, Nina Wang recitation training program, and Lucy Lu PiPa Learning program, both from Acton Chinese Language School. We wish this program bring you and your family many happiness and joy.

This event was sponsored by Mass Cultural Council - ABCC

Boston Yue Opera House wishes everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020! 🌕💐💐💐💐🌿❤

At Boston Yue Opera House(BYOH), we are dedicated to introduce and promote Yue Opera to our community, provide a platform for all opera fans.

"Discovering Yue Opera" workshop, Sargent Memorial Library, Boxborough MA

During the workshop, Ying introduced a brief history of this ancient stage art, present some of the highlights from well-known singing and performance styles. The audiences had the opportunities to learn some basic movements and dress in the traditional costumes. The event was a bilingual event (English/Mandarin).

This event was sponsored by Mass Cultural Council - ABCC

Thanks to the invitation from the Boston Cultural Salon in Cambridge MA. Boston Yue Opera House gave a seminar to the members of the salon at the Cambridge Innovation Center on November 17.

Seminar "Yue Opera in Northeast", Cambridge Innovation Center

The founder and director of BYOH, Ying, introduced the history of the Yue Opera, the roles and the styles of Yue Opera. The participants were engaged and the discussions were lively. She then introduced the members at BYOH, the current status of the community Yue Opera groups in the United States and around world, and the challenges they are facing.

Boston Yue Opera House (BYOH) First Anniversary Party

Boston Yue Opera House at Chelmsford Chinese School New Year Celebration.

Westford Academy is hosting another Lunar New Year Celebration! Organized by Westford Academy's Asian Culture Club, Boston Yue Opera House is excited to be part of the performance groups to celebrate the start of the New Year with our local community.

Yue Opera Medley Performance at Westford Academy for 2019 Chinese New Year Celebration.

More than 600 audience members turned out at Feb. 2nd Event. We hope you enjoyed the dazzling performances and have a very happy New Year!

The Lunar New Year is a celebration of happiness, peace, harmony, and unity for everyone! Many Chinese Traditional art programs have been performed at this year's celebration party. Boston Yue Opera House is honored to be part of this celebration event!

Backstage photos Before Yue Opera Medley Performance at Wayland High School 2019 Chinese New Year Celebration.

Boston Yue Opera House is a volunteer based community opera group. In order to create opportunities for new members to participate in the future events, and to connect with each other, we hosted an event in Acton, MA where our base is located.

Boston Yue Opera House Community Meetup event at Bellows Farm Club House in Acton, MA.

Boston Yue Opera House performed at the 5th Annual Chinese Music & Dance Night at Nara Park in Acton, MA. This event was presented by the Town of Acton, and Acton Chinese Language School.